Hi Karen,

We wanted to up-date you on how well Lola is adjusting to her new home.  As you may recall, we have a son with Down syndrome and were looking for the perfect adult golden to join our family. We can’t thank you enough for introducing us to Lola and allowing us to take her back home with us to Massachusetts. In five short weeks we have come to know her as an affectionate, people person dog with a great personality – and she’s really fun to be with! And of course she and Jared hit it off right away. Lola has been busy making many new friends and please tell all her fans in NJ that she is doing well.  Thank you again for making this all possible.

The Corbetts

Hi Karen – Lola had an AWESOME day today and I wanted to let you know how she is doing. Sorry I haven’t up-dated you sooner, but I’ve been out straight trying get this car mess straightened out.We finally got a new car yesterday, which makes my life so much easier.

Lola’s sweet disposition came shining through the day we got her. But as we both knew, it was going to take her a while to get adjusted. Eating and bathroom stuff was easy from the start and she is gradually becoming more confident (less shy and submissive) a little bit each day. She still has a ways to go but that’s not an issue.

A few days after we got her, I took her to a fenced in baseball field to let run around a little (I think I already told you this), but she had no interest.  A few days ago It took her to the field for a second time and she was much more playful (chased the ball some and did a litte running). We went again today – and I saw a brand new Lola! Much more playful and energetic and rolled around on her back with a big smile on her face. We know it’s one step at a time, but this was really fun to see.

Getting  into   the   car still needs some work. I’m pairing food reinforcements (small pieces of cooked steak) with getting her into the car.  And once in the car I drive her to the baseball field for her run. Once she’s in the car though – there’s no problem. I put in the front seat with me today and she  was   like a big shot. Good for her!

We’ve had our first squirrel encounters and quickly learned to get a good  hold  on her leash if we see any coming our way.

Last but not least, a good friend of ours brought her 3 year old granddaugher to visit Lola. Lola was absolutely delighed to see her (maybe she remined him of Mason); and not all shy.

Will try to finally send pictures tomorrow.  Hope all is well in NJ, Bill