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Our English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies Are Very Sweet & Loving.


All puppies are imprinted with Early Neurological Stimulation also known as the Bio-Sensor Program which will give your puppy a Superior Advantage.

Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. The benefits noted were:

  1. Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)
  2. Stronger heart beats
  3. Stronger adrenal glands
  4. More tolerance to stress
  5. Greater resistance to disease

The U.S. Military in their canine program developed a method that still serves as a guide to what works. In an effort to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes, a program called “Bio Sensor” was developed. Later, it became known to the public as the “Super Dog” Program. Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects. Their studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results. It is believed that because this interval of time is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, and therefore is of great importance to the individual.

More ENS information can be found at

In Addition to the Bio-Sensor Program, we are with our puppies 24/7 a family member is always home and we continue to handle, touch, socialize, groom and start house training until they go to their new homes.



All of our Goldens come from International Champions and International Champion Lines, also with health clearances, mostly from Russia. We spent a great deal of time in choosing our breeding dogs, not settling for the next one available. Icewind Golden Puppies are reserved for homes that feel like we do and have their puppy become part of the family and are not “Just a Pet”.  

 ICEWIND IS HONORED TO BE AN AKC H.E.A.R.T. BREEDER – Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility and Tradition.

 OFA HEALTH CLEARANCES INCLUDES – Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Advanced Cardiac Echocardiogram, Shoulder Osteochondrosis, Thyroid, Patellar Luxation, Dentation, Verification of Permanent Identification and AKC DNA Certification.


Please Note: We only breed Goldens who have Hips that are rated Excellent or Good by OFA, even though there are other acceptable ratings.

*Shoulder Osteochondrosis is a OFA Voluntary X-Ray established to identify evidence of Osteochondrosis (OCD) a degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) plus other orthopedic problems.


***FIRST PANEL 4 GENETIC HEALTH TESTS INCLUDE – ICT-A Ichthyosis (Inherited Skin Disease), PRA_1 – (Inherited Eye Disease –

Blindness)  PRA_2 – (Vision Loss) Progressive Retinal Atrophy, prcd – (Inherited Eye Disease) – Progressive Retinal Atrophy/ Progressive Cone Degeneration.

*ICT is a preventable disease. At Icewind we have made a commitment to the breed not to have any ICT affected puppies.

 Be assured your puppy will NOT have ICT.


***SECOND PANEL 5 GENETIC HEALTH TESTS INCLUDE – DMD – (Muscular Dystrophy – Golden Retriever Type) COL1A1 – (Osteogenesis – Brittle Bone Disease), SOD1 – (Inherited Spinal Cord/Lou Gehrig’s Disease) tRNA – (Degenerative Myelopathy-Inherited Neurological Disorder), COL7A1 – (Dystopic Epidermolysis Bullosa-Inherited Skin Disease)


***THIRD PANEL 160 GENETIC DISEASES PROFILE – including Type I, II, III Von Wildebrand Disease, Congenital Hypothyroidism, Glaucoma, Hereditary Cataracts, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (PRKDC, RAG1), Polycistic Kidney Disease, etc. Please contact us for a complete list.

Why Test? Bringing a new puppy into the family is a financial and emotional investment. Whether you are a professional dog breeder or simply a careful buyer, a Canine Genetic Health Certificate can help you understand the potential genetic threats to your dog’s health. By testing for all the diseases in both panel’s, you can eliminate the chance that these diseases will be passed on to your puppy through selective breeding. For a better understanding visit our website adult page for the links to the Genetic Veterinary Sciences.


***EARLY NEUROLOCIAL STIMULATION (Also known as the Bio-Sensor Program) first developed by the military to create a more healthy and superior dog. The benefits noted can be found on the Internet. All Icewind puppies receive ENS and are well socialized with grandchildren, other pets, friends and family.


For more information on our Adult Goldens’ Health Clearances, visit our Adult Page.

Adult Goldens Available Occasionally.

Interested in one of our English Cream Golden Puppies?

Please fill out the puppy application before visiting IceWind Goldens. This application will help us better serve you in your decision to purchase a new golden retriever puppy.

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We also breed the beautiful Shiba Inu. Our Shiba website is a wealth of information. To visit click here.

Puppy Supplies: Icewind’s Puppy Supply Store will also be open when you arrive at Icewind. We carry a unique line of Puppy Items. All of the supplies are not found in major stores. They are special order items, therefore we can pass on some great savings to you!

The Snuggle Puppy is highly recommended for your puppy’s first night’s in the crate. Relieves stress and separation anxiety. Golden puppies relate to the real sounding heartbeat and the warmth, which replaces littermates. Your new puppy will soon be in a calm and restful state for sleeping in the crate. Available at Icewind’s Pet Supply Store. Click here.

*** Raw Diet Resources ***

These books are great resources to learn more about the raw diet we feed our dogs.

Icewind Goldens are on the cover of this book. Icewind Shibas and Goldens are also found on pages inside this book!

Karen of Icewind Goldens wrote pages 88 & 89 on Canine Nutrition. Also pictured on those pages is my Grandson Mason and one of our Goldens!

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