I am sure you have already spent a lot of time finding your puppy the right food, treats, toys, bed and all other accessories needed. Now that your puppy is pre-spoiled and has a safe warm place to live, you need to focus on being a strong pack leader. Puppies will sense our confidence levels and will control if they perceive us as weak. When this happens bad behavior begins. Do not turn to mush. You need to be a strong alpha figure. For your puppy to grow into a healthy, balanced dog you must demonstrate leadership from day one!!!

To help you achieve this we recommend puppy K classes, these should start as soon as your puppy has had his last puppy shot. After you have finished one set of classes, go on to the next set which will include obedience training. The idea is to keep going to socializing and obedience training classes for your puppy’s first year, non-stop. Dogs need to know what to do with their lives.