We are so amazed and overjoyed with our puppy! The entire family is madly in love with him!

We named him Smokey…..he already knows his name and knows the sit command! The first night was a bit rough, as I had expected, but the next two have been amazing! Smokey has sleep straight through in his crate, next to me all night!

He is getting along nicely with our cat, although he can’t quite figure out why he won’t play with him! Lol!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that what you do with your puppies is amazing! He is so well behaved, calm and gentle….playful and just so damn cute!

Thanks for everything,
June 2015

UPDATE: July 2015 

I had to write again, Smokey is 11 weeks and 20 lbs! We went to our old vet and he was so impressed with him!

I have shuffled him around to friends a two different Starbucks and people stop me on the street to compliment me on how gorgeous he is. What’s even a bigger compliment is how everyone can’t believe how calm he is for a puppy!

The vet said he could tell how much work my breeder put in to the puppy!

We just adore him!

July 2015