Hi Everyone at Icewind,

I’m laying here in bed with Tess beside me. She’s curled up with her pink snuggle puppy doggy, which she loves. I’m so glad that you had these.

I wanted to thank you again for EVERYTHING. Tess is such a sweetheart and I’ve gotten so much information from you. I’ll be writing a great review for Icewind. Tess fit in instantly with my mutts. She loves the yard and has found a place to dig already. She’s trying out Mattie and Levi’s beds to see which one she likes best. For now she’ll just be held all the time. LOL. She has visitors coming tomorrow and Sunday to meet her. Friends of mine that have been waiting for her to get here. She didn’t eat very much but there was so much to explore and there just wasn’t time. I’ll watch her tomorrow to make sure that she is taking the time to eat well. She weighed in at 10.6 lbs. this evening. I couldn’t have picked a sweeter girl. Ray and I both love her so much already. I’ll send you some pictures of her first photo shoot tomorrow. Feel free to use whatever pics you like. I already posted some of them.

I wish that I we would have had time to go for a cup of coffee. I know you were busy and I wanted to let you get your work done. Maybe you’ll be down this way sometime or when I come to get my Holly pup we can sit and shoot the breeze. It was so nice meeting you, Danielle and Anya. Your good people.

Thank you for our wonderful Tess. She’s going to be loved and spoiled rotten. I’ll bring her with me when I come to pick up my next baby so you can see her.

Me 🙂 Trish