Are you Alpha? Do you plead with your dog to behave? Does your dog walk you all over the neighborhood? Do you bribe your dog with treats? Does your dog chew on your furniture? Why?

Dogs are animals, they respond to calm, assertive leadership, NOT to emotional arguments or negotiations. You need to learn how to become the pack leader. In this order: exercise, discipline, and then affection. As a human pack leader you must set rules, boundaries, and limitations. Put your dogs needs first and take responsibility for your dogs actions and state of mind. Only then will you experience all the love your dog has to give!

Though discipline is critical for the upbringing of a Golden puppy, its important to use a soft-handed approach to training. It takes very little to discipline most Goldens, their feelings are easily hurt, and they so want to please you.

Anger, aggression, or abuse toward a dog will not establish you as a pack leader. An aggressive leader is not in control and will cause unwanted issues in your dog. You will need to seek a professional dog trainer.