Obesity, the most common canine nutrition-related health problem, can lead to the development or worsening of serious diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease, or pancreatis. It can also aggravate pre-existing joint problems such as hip dysphasia. Excessive canine weight can overwork your Golden’s heart and make breathing more difficult. Overweight dogs often have trouble running, playing or sometimes even walking, which makes the weight problem even worse.

Use your eyes and hands to tell if your Golden is overweight. When viewed from above, your companion should have a “waist”, an indentation in the flank area. When you run your hand ever your Golden’s body, you should be able to easily feel the waist and the ribs beneath it.

Weight problems are easier to prevent than they are to treat!

Equally important is to consider your Golden’s age. Golden Retriever puppies should never be over exercised, as this could lead to health problems, stress on developing bones, ligaments and muscles could lead to lameness in adulthood.